Information for Ticketing Professionals

Chances are you are familiar with ticketing systems and you are here because you are looking for a new alternative to your present system. So what separate Box Office Xpress from other ticketing systems? The primary difference is ease of use. Box office Xpress pioneered Windows ticketing systems over 10 years ago, and has constantly led the way in advanced software technologies in order to make the most complex of tasks as simple as possible. The focus of Box Office Xpress is to better contribute to a simpler work environment.

As part of the very user-friendly nature of the program, Box Office Xpress performs tasks quickly and efficiently (hence the term "Xpress"). Back when we introduced the last major upgrade to the program (late 1999), the program was performing tasks in seconds, that took our major competitors hours to complete. It would also provide time critical information in the blink of an eye, where other programs required a report to be processed and printed. Our competitors are beginning to catch up, but they don't realize what we have in store for the near future. In other words, Box Office Xpress will always be leading the way with marvelous new features and enhancements.

If you represent a medium to large organization, please head on over to the Box Office Xpress section of this web site.

Otherwise, if you represent a more cozy organization, please head on over to the Box Office Xpress Junior section of this web site.

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