Information for Novice Users

If you are new to automated ticketing and are desperately looking to move out of the dark ages, then Box Office Xpress is an excellent way to do that. Why? Because Box Office Xpress is considered by many to be the most user-friendly ticketing system on the planet, making your transition to ticket automation a whole easier than with similar products.

As the world's first Windows ticketing system, Box Office Xpress has pioneered intuitive user-interface design and forced other, older DOS-based programs to attempt to follow suit. What noticeable features makes Box Office Xpress different? Our program doesn't look like a rehashed DOS program. Box Office Xpress has a very logic, straightforward design. The program was created with the end user in mind, first and foremost.

Just look at our testimonials to see how others express their appreciation for the user-friendly characteristics of Box Office Xpress.

Both of our products, Box Office Xpress and Box Office Xpress Junior, have these user-friendly characteristics. Box Office Xpress is a little more complex, simply because it has over 170 additional major features and enhancements.

If you represent a medium to large organization, please head on over to the Box Office Xpress section of this web site.

Otherwise, if you represent a more cozy organization, please head on over to the Box Office Xpress Junior section of this web site.

Info for Small and Non-profit Venues

Info for Ticketing Professionals