Information for Small and Non-Profit Venues

Considering the high cost of software development, it truly is difficult to offer a niche market program at a price that is affordable to absolutely everyone. Off-the-shelf software generally costs $50 to $100 on average, and about $500 or more for major applications. Keeping in mind that these sorts of products sell by the hundreds every week (or even every day), it is understandable why the price is so low. However, for a product such as ticketing software, that generally only sells about 10-20 per year, the dollar value understandably must increase proportionately.

However, for a large part, the non-profit market simply can't afford a proportionate price for specialty software. Consequently, in an attempt to satisfy this market, we have focused on making our Box Office Xpress Junior product as stable as possible, with a fixed number of desirable features, and kept it that way for a considerable number of years. This way, development costs are reduced. We are proud to say that Box Office Xpress Junior has been amazingly stable since early 2000, and continues to satisfy the needs of new customers year after year, to this day.

Box Office Xpress Junior was designed and priced with small and non-profit organizations in mind. If you represent such an organization, please head on over to the Box Office Xpress Junior section of this web site.

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