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Customized Ticket Layouts

Adding a Logo or Other Graphics

Customized Ticket Layouts

Most of our clients have no problem finding a layout to use from one of the existing ticket styles that are built into Box Office Xpress. However, if none of the built-in styles are suitable for your needs, we can customize a special layout for you. This would be a unique ticket layout of your design, and can also be for ticket stock with dimensions other than the standard 2" x 5".

The price for a customized ticket layout ranges from $400 to $900, depending on the complexity and/or similarity to existing designs. Ticket layouts are added directly to the program, which requires a new version of the program be created.

For more information on how to submit a design for a quote, view the topic, Customized Ticket Layout Preparation.

Terminology Note: This service is to design a ticket layout that the program will print basic data (Event info, seat numbers, etc.). To actually have graphics and such printed on your tickets, you will need to discuss that with your ticket stock supplier.

As an alternative to us customizing a ticket layout for you, you can buy the ticket customization add-on and do it yourself.

Adding a Logo or Other Graphics

If you want a really nice logo or graphic, it is recommended that you have your ticket stock supplier pre-print it on the ticket for you. The logo that the thermal printer will print* is nothing spectacular - it's a simple 2-bit image ("2-bit" is an image format that is made up of nothing more than black dots - or spaced dots to simulate shading).
See sample (you can actually achieve slightly better gray-like shading than this sample illustrates).

*Adding a logo to a ticket will require a customized ticket layout.

If you plan on printing your own logo using the printer, you should get extra RAM for your printer if it doesn't already include it.

If you decide to have your ticket stock supplier pre-print a logo on your ticket stock, make sure it lines up with the blank space in one of the existing ticket styles. Some were designed to allow room for pre-printed logos, while others will allow some room if you don't use the 3 lines of miscellaneous text. If you have a relatively recent version of the program, you will be able to see samples of all the layouts in the Ticket Setup window.

One other alternative is to have the logo designed as a watermark. This way it can be anywhere on the ticket or take up the entire ticket and not hinder the appearance of the information that is being printed on the ticket by the program. Just make sure it is a light enough watermark that any printing overtop can still be clearly seen.

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