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Important:  In order to purchase Boca or Practical Automation printers from us, you must either be a Box Office Xpress customer, or a user of an unsupported (discontinued) ticketing software program, or your ticketing software vendor does not sell ticket printers and asked you to buy them somewhere else. For the latter, we will first verify this with your software vendor before providing a quote. DO NOT contact us if you do not meet these qualifications.

General Information

In addition to typical dot matrix printers, Box Office Xpress is designed to work with Boca FGL compatible thermal ticket printers from Boca, Practical Automation and others. You can order your thermal printer directly from Corporate Consultants. This is recommended since we can make sure you get the correct configuration for your needs (thermal printers are always custom built to specification).

This page contains some important information that you need to consider when buying a thermal ticket printer. These are the questions that we will ask you when you are ready to order your printer, so advance consideration may be of benefit.

Box Office Xpress will also print a receipt-style ticket using the Epson TM-T88II (or TM-T88III) thermal receipt printer. Ideal for day-of-event sales, this printer is fast and economical. This printer is also available from Corporate Consultants or you can purchase it from a retail supply center.

The program deliberately does not support Ink Jet or Laser printers, due to the extreme waste of paper and time.

Use the links above to view the specifications and pricing of the printers we carry, and then contact us when you are ready review your specification. The Important Ticket Printer Questions topic is the most important piece of information needed to create your specification.